Many of our customers requested a washing detergent especially made for their equestrian apparels, one that's effective in removing odors AND tough stains and dirt without damaging reflective materials and water resistant clothes. We accepted the challenge!

All Re:Claim Equestrian Apparel products completely eliminate bad odors including tough stains and dirt without damaging reflective materials and already waterproofed apparels.

We strive to help you enjoy your horseback riding by keeping you clean and fresh for hours!

Proudly made in Sweden and with great care of the environment.

Bra Miljöval or "Good Environmental Choice“ is the official ecolabel of  Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Safe for washing delicate wool fabrics and garments

Choose Environment; Choose Re:Claim

ReClaim manufactures products with utmost consideration of our mother nature.


We believe that washing detergents can be tough on grime and bad odours while being gentle with our environment. Since 2016, we dedicate our product research and development to manufacture high performing cleaning products for sports, work, equestrian and baby clothings.


We strive to eco-label our products with the Swedish Environmental Protection Association's GOOD ENVIRONMENTAL SELECTION. Currently, our ReClaim Original and Sensitive have the Bra Miljoval. We also have the astma label for ReClaim Sensitive. We hope to have all our products eco-labelled so every time you buy any of ReClaim products, you help take good care of our environment.

 Ecolabelling - Good Environmental Choice 

 Good Environmental Choice is the Swedish Environmental Protection 

 Association's ecolabelling. In order for a product to carry the mark, it 

 must comply with the requirements set by the Swedish Society for 

 Nature Conservation. The requirements are harsh and are also 

 tightened gradually. The products must gradually develop and 

 become less harmful to the environment. 

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