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 Re:Claim the fresh and clean 

 smell of your clothes! 

Did you ever wonder why your clothes smell bad even when you’ve just washed them?


We studied many smelly clothes and found that regular washing detergent does not tackle the source and so it fails to completely remove the foul odor in clothes. After several thorough experiments, we made the perfect washing detergent. We named it Re:Claim.

What do you want to Re:Claim today?

About Us

Re:Claim was initially made in 2016 to let athletes of all levels to focus on their goals without worrying about smelly training clothes. Now it has grown to serve other ’smelly’ needs of all kinds of clothings and textiles — baby, work and horse. All products consist of powerful yet gentle ingredients which fully eliminate bad smell.


We help active people to feel comfortable and fresh in their strive to reach the next level!

Re:Claim is a registrated brand. XTRCT Vision AB, Bolshedens Industriväg 35, 427 50 Billdal, Sweden